The 'Rock-Solid Offer' Mini-Course

How the EXACT strategies for building your own Rock-Solid Offer that sells for 2k without the need for Webinars šŸ¤® or posting on every social media!

The 'Grow & Scale' Mini-Course

The EXACT process we used to go from having a few high ticket clients per month to hitting 30k in less than 60 days just using a Facebook Groupā„¢

The '10K/Month' BusinessĀ 

Learn the EXACT process we used to make Ā£18,000 in just 5 weeks without needing a large audience - using the same prcincles that got us 90 clients.

'Build An Irresistible Offer'Ā 

Without wasting time creating the WRONG programs that don't sell & speaking to time-wasters who can't affoard your services!